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Sporting Club History

Explore our website to discover the history of each sport club's history. In 2016 Football, Netball and Cricket were all formally reconised under the Olympic Dam Sporting Club banner.


Excepting the first bounce of the pill back in 1987, we have always been a club that has been more than just footballers. For years we have been a sporting club in everything but name, acquiring sports like the British acquired countries back in the day. In 2016 the brave and right choice was made to change the club forever by renaming ourselves the Olympic Dam Sporting Club.


We have footballers, netballers, cricketers, basketballers, supporters and maybe even the odd chess player. Now we have a banner that each person can claim a part of. The vision for this simple club of contractors has always been grand. We always wanted to play football that bit was simple, but we wanted more than that – somewhere to call home for everyone. We are building an empire – watch the devils roar. For hell hath no fury like a devil scorned!

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